Sinners is a passionate love story about Layla, who is denounced for an affair with her student, Nur, and is waiting to be stoned to death for adultery. The play examines both Layla’s and Nur’s choices for love and survival and the striving for freedom in a patriarchal culture. Nur can save his own life by throwing the first stone. What choice will he make?

Real Drag

A straight cis-gender woman wants to join the drag crew of the local gay bar, but faces rejection from all sides. Can she prove to the queens that she's as fabulous as they are? Better yet, can she prove it to herself?




Born out of Black Lives Matter and Pride 2020, Producer Lawryn LaCroix created “FTWRK”. Being rooted through the feet is where the project gets its name. FTWRK is a powerful piece created by the people, for the people, featuring fresh and new young minds that are crafted and learned in the arts.


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Before she was Helen of Troy, she was a woman whose head and heart were waging their own war. The Grecian myth gets a provocative retelling in the bookless, dance-and-music extravaganza GILDED. Described by the Washington Post as "a world of flirtation, ritual and power play", GILDED follows Helen's experience as the powerful, bronze age queen she was and the sensual journey that sealed her into history.



Meet Tania. Tania has an incredible story to tell you. But the clock is ticking. She needs to get her version of the story across before the press have their say. In Tania’s version, she’s the hero. But the story she’s worked so hard to craft over the past few years is about to be torn apart and when it is, she won’t look so heroic.


Set in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and based on the baffling true story, the play examines the nature of storytelling and the hierarchy of survival through this highly controversial character. It will leave you questioning who stories belong to and whether a good deed can cancel out a bad one.