"Your Alice combines elements of both real historical events and the fantasy world of Wonderland to create an absolute masterpiece of modern theatre."

- BroadwayBaby

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"Excellent performances from an unimaginably cohesive ensemble make Your Alice a mesmerizing theatrical experience. Fans of the novel will enjoy this new, if dark, take, while those less interested in Carroll will appreciate the current of psychodrama that rolls beneath its surface."

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"This is a truly mesmerizing piece of drama, in which not a moment of stage time is wasted. Every instant and every line glitters."

- EdFringe Review

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"To find poignancy and power in such a ubiquitous childhood story is a remarkable feat and the ensemble cast handle its weight of tradition with sensitivity... a highly engaging watch."

-EdFringe Review

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"This is a must-see for anyone interested in Alice or Carroll...

or really good theatre."

- British Theatre Guide

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"The production was first class. The play’s visuals were excellent, and both the costumes and the actors’ characterizations did justice to the illustrations by John Tenniel and the original characters themselves."

- Doug Friedenberg, Medium

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"A meaty discussion piece that will never be wholly summed up in a single review. The play doesn't offer you answers, instead it begs to be talked about."

- Thomas Burns Scully, Popdust

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"And while Alice Liddell and Charles Dodgson are convincingly and vibrantly resurrected by British actors Eliza Shea and Luke Antony Neville (Shea is, truly, a brilliant Alice), the real star of this production is Aken-Tyers’ writing. Haunting, imaginative and surreal, her central question is endlessly fascinating."

- Michael Appler, Fordham Observer

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