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A new play in development with The Shubert Organizations Artistic Circle.

Gummies dives into the dark, often comedic, unfiltered dialog of a group of multi-racial New Jersey housewives who travel to Las Vegas, eat too many THC-infused gummies one night and share their truths, half-truths, and confessions. Told in a series of vignettes that spiral out from an intoxicated night, the play mixes humor and pathos to explore the experiences of motherhood that are often left unsaid.

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Holla Black Girl

A new piece of archival theater in development with
The Prince Fellowship ,
The Theater Leadership Project
& Bel Clarke Productions


Before she was Helen of Troy, she was a woman whose head and heart were waging their own war. The Grecian myth gets a provocative retelling in the bookless, dance-and-music extravaganza GILDED. Described by the Washington Post as "a world of flirtation, ritual and power play", GILDED follows Helen's experience as the powerful, bronze age queen she was and the sensual journey that sealed her into history.



A new film collaboration between Pinkhouse Productions & Thistle Dance, BDYWRK is an explosive celebration of black joy and excellence. 

The film's first iteration, FTWRK, was b
orn out of Black Lives Matter and Pride 2020. F
TWRK has been featured in nine film festivals globally.



Sinners is a passionate love story about Layla, who is denounced for an affair with her student, Nur, and is waiting to be stoned to death for adultery. The play examines both Layla’s and Nur’s choices for love and survival and the striving for freedom in a patriarchal culture. Nur can save his own life by throwing the first stone. What choice will he make?

She / Her

Pinkhouse Productions & Nicole Ansari are developing SHE/HER, a grouping of theatrical monologues that explore memory and identity. Directed by Nicole Ansari, SHE/HER presents, eight performers as they animate their meditative vignettes about identity, heritage, and personhood with music, humor, and drama.  In the opening monologue, one  woman grapples with her lifelong habit of apologizing and lays bare her inner conflict through a violin duet with her daughter. Their musical conversation unites them, not only as mother and child, but also as women. As one monologue follows another, the women fall away, their stories complete yet opening the way to a new narrative.  


Once billed as one of New York’s rising stars, Foden now finds himself at the bottom of a trash heap. In a bid of desperation he plots a series of feats each more outlandish than the last in an attempt to revitalise his rapidly fading acting career. Before his plans can be executed however, he will discover that his route to the top was always right in front of him. Inspired by Goethe’s Faust and Everyman, Ransom is a fresh, funny new play which explores the lengths that people will go to for fame and fortune and asks, in our new world, what exactly is it all for? 

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New Playwright Program

Scratch nights are a popular format in the UK, in which playwrights share a short snippet of a new play to audiences. It’s a great way for artists to test works in progress; and an exciting opportunity for theater-lovers to catch cutting-edge plays.

Pinkhouse partners with organization to host a yearly Scratch Night, the prize of which is a fully produced production. 

In its inaugural iteration, over 300 brand new scripts were submitted by emerging playwrights from the US, UK, Europe and Canada. Four finalists were chosen, and the winner's play was produced in the Scranton Shakespeare Season.


Past Projects


this is where it happened

Meet Tania. Tania has an incredible story to tell you. But the clock is ticking. She needs to get her version of the story across before the press have their say. In Tania’s version, she’s the hero. But the story she’s worked so hard to craft over the past few years is about to be torn apart and when it is, she won’t look so heroic.


Set in the aftermath of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and based on the baffling true story, the play examines the nature of storytelling and the hierarchy of survival through this highly controversial character. It will leave you questioning who stories belong to and whether a good deed can cancel out a bad one.



On the golden afternoon of July 4th, 1862, Charles Dodgson (pen name Lewis Carroll) tells his child muse, Alice, her favourite story for the last time. As they sail down the Oxford River, his beloved characters weave us in and out of Wonderland and through his tortured relationship with 10 year-old Miss Liddell. 


Angie has never had much luck. When a medical diagnosis changes her whole world upside down, she rededicates herself to her health, happiness, and heart. A short, feel-good rom-com with a spunky lead, Mara Hal



Welcome to EXTRA ROOM, a new comedy set in the capital of tiny living...New York!  Yeah, it’s the city that never sleeps…but frankly, it could use a nap -- packed sardine-tight on the C train, bathrooms in the kitchen, endless shifts at dead-end jobs, running on treadmills and surfing on apps.  Dreamers flock to the bright lights, then get blinded by the price tag...and that struggle keeps them boxed in, and priced out.

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The Bear &

the Strawberry Tree

The play is a semiautobiographical adaptation of Lorca’s Poet in New York, which takes as its inspiration both the collection of poems of the same name and the lesser-known story of the poet’s time spent in Harlem (1929-1930). The play takes place in two places—Harlem and Madrid—in two different periods of time. It is the story of two creative individuals—the famous Spanish poet, who at the time that he was living in Harlem had not yet achieved the fame that he would later go on to achieve, in life and in death; and a young, Black American man living in Madrid almost exactly one century later—and the parallels and points of departure between their lives as expats living in one another’s home country.



After harsh treatment, rejection, and freezing up at an amateur drag night, an AFAB woman, with the help of a drag queen, explores her gender expression, ultimately soaring to new and unexpected heights.

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