Your Alice

On the golden afternoon of July 4th, 1862, Charles Dodgson (pen name Lewis Carroll) tells his child muse, Alice, her favourite story for the last time. As they sail down the Oxford River, his beloved characters weave us in and out of Wonderland and through his tortured relationship with 10 year-old Miss Liddell. 

Real Drag

A straight cis-gender woman wants to join the drag crew of the local gay bar, but faces rejection from all sides. Can she prove to the queens that she's as fabulous as they are? Better yet, can she prove it to herself?

Juicy Ladies


Angie has never had much luck. When a medical diagnosis changes her whole world upside down, she rededicates herself to her health, happiness, and heart. A short, feel-good rom-com with a spunky lead, Mara Hall. 

Extra Room


Welcome to EXTRA ROOM, a new comedy set in the capital of tiny living...New York!  Yeah, it’s the city that never sleeps…but frankly, it could use a nap -- packed sardine-tight on the C train, bathrooms in the kitchen, endless shifts at dead-end jobs, running on treadmills and surfing on apps.  Dreamers flock to the bright lights, then get blinded by the price tag...and that struggle keeps them boxed in, and priced out.



Everyone knows of Helen of Troy - the woman whose beauty started the Trojan War.

But history gives us no information on how

“the face that launched a thousand ships” felt about

doing so. This Grecian, steampunk retelling of the story gives Helen the agency she

deserves, exploring the conflation of duty and desire through a female lens.