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Pinkhouse is a production company dedicated to producing meaningful, inspiring, unique work. Led by an all-female team, Pinkhouse strives to empower women in the arts and provide the means by which they can assert their individual voices.

During the pandemic, Pinkhouse has pivoted to digital content to support artists and give visibility to people trying to break into the industry during an unprecedented time.


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Pinkhouse Productions is a theatre, film, and interdisciplinary production company dedicated to original and inspiring work. Founded by Lawryn LaCroix, Pinkhouse has both a New York and Los Angeles presence in theatrical and film circles, and has worked with both Tony and Emmy winners on Pinkhouse original productions. 

Meet Lawryn and her collaborators



Executive Producer & Founder of

Pinkhouse Productions

Lawryn LaCroix is a New York City based actor and producer. Lawryn has worked with Tribeca Film Festival, Rooftop Film Festival, Sundance Film Festival, Hampton Film Festival and DocNYC. Lawryn's theatrical credits include BAM, LaMaMa Experimental Theatre Club & internationally at the Arcola Theatre. 

Since its incorporation in 2017, Pinkhouse has cultivated film, theatrical, and artistic pieces across the globe.  Lawryn LaCroix's impetuous for founding Pinkhouse was the playYour Alice - a unique and beautiful piece of theater that needed help achieving its goals. Your Alice has since been seen Off-Broadway at BAM, in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and Off West End at the Arcola Theater. 


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Lara Lavi is a new media/entertainment law attorney, entrepreneur, entertainment company executive, business development and marketing specialist, film and TV director,
producer & writer, and most importantly to her, a Grammy winning Americana singer-songwriter. Ms. Lavi heads up Brooklyn, New York based Pinkhouse Productions Business Affairs working side by side with Founder and President Lawryn LaCroix. With additional offices in London, UK, Seattle, WA, Pinkhouse is poised to be a creative force in the Film/TV/Live Theater entertainment sectors with numerous projects active including Scranton Scratch Night, Sinners, Your Alice, Footwork, Original Material, Real Drag and many more projects and productions.


Kristen Brooks Sandler

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Kristen is an award winning choreographer whose work can be seen on screen and stage. Her signature movement takes inspiration from all things “ooky spooky” and has been described by critics as both delightfully mischievous and menacing. Kristen has had the pleasure of collaborating with Pinkhouse on a myriad of award winning projects, including BDYWRK & Your Alice.

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