Your Alice - Sadlers Wells Rehearsals la

Pinkhouse Productions is a theatre, film, and interdisciplinary production company dedicated to original and inspiring work. Founded by Lawryn LaCroix, Pinkhouse has both a New York and Los Angeles presence in theatrical and film circles, and has worked with both Tony and

Emmy winners on

Pinkhouse original productions. 


Pinkhouse is dedicated to producing meaningful, inspiring, unique work. Led by an all-female team, Pinkhouse strives to empower women in the arts and provide the means by which they can assert their individual voices

Since its incorporation in 2017, Pinkhouse has cultivated film, theatrical, and artistic pieces across the globe. 


Lawryn LaCroix's impetuous for founding Pinkhouse was the playYour Alice - a unique and beautiful piece of theater that needed help achieving its goals. Your Alice has since been seen Off-Broadway at BAM, in the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, and Off West End at the Arcola Theater. 

Pinkhouse looks forward to the cultivation and support of new artists, and continuing to help unique voices be heard.